Book Previews - K.A.C. Book 1: In the Village of the Devil's Daughters

Welcome to an exclusive sneak peak at the audiobook version of my Christian (yet accessible and badass for everyone) dark fantasy/horror/mystery novel "Kill All Christians Book 1: In the Village of the Devil's Daughters".

This novel (currently available in both print and e-book format on Amazon) follows the exploits of Saint Sword Moon and his Dark Blood companion Fox as the pair are called to the Village of the Devil's Daughters to investigate the abduction of a child and the targeting of two others by a dybbuk demon.

Moon and Fox live in a world where all forms of Christianity (and indeed even those God based religions such as Judaism) have been outlawed with nearly every professor of the faith hunted down and slain without exception regardless of race, age, gender, orientation, identity, class, etcetera. In the entropic world that remains humans pay homage to the demon barons and warlords who have become Earth's new gods in the eyes of man.

As one of the few survivors and one of the fewer still possessing divine power, Moon must partner with Fox to investigate these demon abductions while surviving grim politic with the twin sisters Hellana and Amahli who serve as the goddesses of the village.

Can Moon and Fox save the children before its too late, or will they too fall prey to the deviltry in the village in the frigid mountains up above? Only time will tell.

Brace Yourselves, Podcasts are Coming!

And by coming I mean podcasts are here! And clearly I’m tardy to my own party with posting these as there are three currently available.

So, how does this work? Every week on Saturday morning (Arizona Time) a new podcast will be available. What are they about? Well, that’s going to very. There are three main focuses of the podcasts:

1) Social commentary from the lens of a Maverick Minister

2) Nerdy pursuits

3) Behind the scenes previews of upcoming studio work including but not limited to interviews, sneak peaks and selections from upcoming Audible audio book releases.

I plan to rotate these endeavors every Saturday. Currently live is a podcast discussing the pressures of an artist in a society that damns those who try to shine, an initial impressions quasi-review of Team Sonic Racing for the Nintendo Switch and a preview of the intro and first chapter recording of dark fantasy novel Kill All Christians Book 1: In the Village of the Devil’s Daughters.

Next week we’ll be looking at Katana Zero (or Stardew Valley; I haven’t decided yet) and the week after we might take a look at Nora and the Eternal Waterwheel. Be sure to subscribe to the cast so you don’t miss an episode; call me biased, but I think they’re pretty darn boss if I do say so myself!

-Eugene the Author