Greetings, salutations, konichiwa, bonjour, ciao et all! Welcome to the new home of Alaskan born, Arizona based Christian Speculative Fiction author Eugene Ward (also known as Xeawn Cross, also known as Gentleman Raptor)!

Prepare yourself as we embark on a brave new world of Christian Fiction the likes of which you've never seen before! With a strong focus on fringe ministry and out of the box novels, join hands with me as we completely change the face of Christian media!

From dour and sinister horror stories to deeply moving dramas, from high flying sword and faith art epics to gritty mystery noirs, as an author I am dedicated to weaving narratives that represent the faith while also defying traditional literature every step of the way.

My protagonists rush into combat wielding everything from divine blades to the elements, and face threats both demonic and human in nature. Their language is appropriate for their circumstances, the topics dealt with in each novel will challenge you as well as entertain and edify, and purely based on scripture we will enter a world of dragons, magi, gunslingers, nine tailed foxes, leviathans and more!

Beyond that, experience original music from yours truly ranging from breakbeat, combat jazz, gothic orchestral and more! Additionally, please look forward to my weekly podcasts dropping every weekend!

Welcome to a whole new world of worlds, and let's enjoy a magnificent showtime!