Spotlight on Kill All Christians Book 1: In the Village of the Devil's Daughters

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What is it about?

Kill All Christians Book 1: In the Village of the Devil’s Daughters is a story about a young man named Moon and his dark blood companion Fox trying to survive in a world where all forms Christianity has been outlawed. 99.8 percent of Christians in the world were slaughtered in a three-month massacre known as The Liberation, and the world left behind is shaped by demons and their followers. This is a world without morality. People often say they’d love a world of nothing but moral grey, but Kill All Christians shows what that would really be like.

Moon follows a divine pulling in his core to accept a mission from the twin sister dark blood chiefs Amahli and Hellana who rule a village at the top of a snowy mountain. Three children have been targeted by a dybbuk demon, with one already missing and presumed to be in its clutches. Join Moon and Fox as the pair wage into the depths of a village filled with corruption and debauchery as they battle with the souls of these children hanging in the balance.


Why did I write it?

We live in an era where hating on Christianity has become the new wow. Games where you play as stripper witches who kill angels or lusty, scantily clad demon girls fighting against churches have become the norm. Even Christians line up around the door to pick up the next “Your religion is worthless” release.

Kill All Christians began as what I call a “Sanity Project”. The same way an artist paints their feelings or a singer commits their emotion to verse, I write books in part to make sense of the world I live in. The events in Kill All Christians, some days, don’t feel that far off to be honest. I created in Moon a protagonist surviving in a world where it’s dangerous to even think the name of Christ. I then put him together with a protagonist that reflected someone fighting with everything they had to overcome a past of wickedness.

All too often Christians look at the Christians out in the field doing the work with disdain. I hear “Why are you talking to him? You’re a Christian, he’s a thug, what kind of Christian are you? Why are you talking to her? She’s a wiccan! Why are you talking to him? He’s gay!” And I just want to say

“Shut your face, go read your Bible, and pay attention to the words.”

Fox was created as a character who suffers for the darkness in her bloodline, but she wants to do the right thing. She wants salvation. She’s a dark blood, which means she is part human and part fallen angel/demon, who exhibits more humanity than many humans.

I created this story also to show just how badass Christian Fiction can be. There’s nothing wrong with the “raise the funds to save the church” or the “hood turned saint” movies, but we can do so much more.

What content should I expect?

This book does come from my Leviathan line of novels, though it’s almost a Maverick line. The Leviathan line are uncut. They don’t hold back on cursing or the artistry and depth of the fight scenes. They deal with uncomfortable topics that people don’t often like to discuss.

This book, in addition to being a badass horror paranormal mystery sword epic, will also cover the following topics:

Child abuse, incest and sexual abuse. You could say that the book opens a conversation on the topics of homosexuality and sexual abuse, but, as the special features section of the novel will attest, for the depictions in this novel homosexuality isn’t a centerpiece. Further reading will make it more clear what the point of the few scenes depicting it really were.

I like to be up front with my readers; I’m never going to pull a “last season twist” that will dramatically change everything you thought you knew and thought you were getting into. I’m down for a twist or a shift that invokes a sense of “Whooooa, I didn’t see that coming!”, but I’m never going to betray the reader in a bad way.

With a Eugene the Author/Dragon House Studios novel, you know what you’re getting into and can make an educated guess as to whether or not you want to be along for the ride.

What was my favorite part of working on this project?

The fight scenes, the interplay between Moon and Fox, and seeing all of these characters that are so lost trying as best they can to rebel in their own way against the darkness. I loved crafting a narrative that will challenge both Christians and secular readers alike, and something that dramatically changes and challenges everything that has ever been Christian Fiction before.

I honestly like the villains, more Hellana than any of the others. I think Hellana is a sympathetic villain, and in her own way so is Amahli. And I love watching each character take a stand and live with their decisions.

Some fun trivia?

So, I actually wasn’t certain what role Fox was going to play when I first wrote the book. This is a bit of a teaser that’s expanded more in the special features section of this novel. When I first wrote this story, I wasn’t sure if Fox was going to be a love interest, an antagonist or what. Originally, Fox was sort of this disembodied incorporeal figure that plagued Moon, but I knew by about the third page what she was going to be, and what that would mean for the pair.

Does it tie into other novels?

For savvy, sharp eyed readers who pick up Kill All Christians and Tribus Dulce, you may notice some common lingo between them. What’s more, as In Defense of the Heart, Murder the Citizens Hunger: Recut, Ochre Alleycat, and to a lesser extent Pretty Little Whispers release, you may begin to notice a few familiar faces. All I’ll say for now, is pay attention and enjoy!

Fair warnings?

I’ll probably have ticked off Christians and non-Christians alike at some point of the book or other. I guess I would just say, try not to knee jerk, and keep reading till the end. A lot of your assumptions may be proven wrong.

I’ll also say that while this narrative is dark, I will never be a shock jock artist. I will never pander for dollars. I will never create a story with no purpose beyond being dark and heartbreaking. My characters will go through hell, but there will always be light at the end. So, stick with it! And hey, if you get to the end and still hate it, at least you gave it a shot. But, I’m willing to wager you’ll enjoy the book quite a great deal!

Closing thoughts?

I will continue to innovate and evolve, to grow and change, to fight to take back a place for badass Christian Fiction while striving to be a genre defying, denomination defying artist. You’ll notice that Kill All Christians and Tribus Dulce are not listed as Christian Fiction. That’s because these are not exclusively Christian narratives. Regardless of your denomination, creed, gender, age or sexual orientation, these are stories that will entertain as much as they will promote healing and growth and wisdom.

I poured my blood, sweat and tears into this narrative, and I pray you enjoy it! Please leave a comment and/or shoot me an e-mail with questions and feedback! I’ll always welcome open conversation. What I don’t welcome is squawking and squabbling. You don’t have to agree with me, just remember to be cool, relax, and get ready for a discussion with a Christian who has a very maverick approach to faith. Let’s have a cuppa some time, shall we?


-Eugene the Author a.k.a. Xeawn Cross a.k.a. Gentleman Raptor