A Rondo of Tales...

Salutations et all! Welcome to the new official website of me, Eugene the Author. I thought it best to begin with a post that introduces you to who I am, and what I'm about.

As my intro stated, I am a minister and a Christian fringe ministry novelist, but, what does that really mean? Well, perhaps the best way to explain it is to begin with a few things you'll find in my books that you won't in other Christian artists.

My Characters Curse...

And I don't mean "crap" and "crud" and "darn it". My philosophy with my writing is to create authentic characters that leap off of the page and embed themselves into your heart and being. As a result, I never slip in a four letter word for the fun of it, however I write individuals that are realistic for their environment.

For example, in upcoming urban fantasy horror romantic drama Ochre Alleycat, protagonist Matilda Marks begins the narrative as a teenage drug dealer coping with a past wherein she was heavily abused. The protagonist grew up on her own in the streets, and later finds herself embroiled in a supernatural bid for power between a dark blood capo and descendants of fallen angels. Matilda is not the sort of person who uses G rated language, at least not at the beginning of the books.

I feel that if I write protagonists in a manner that is "nice" rather than authentic, I cheapen the credibility, believability and relatability (I don't care if some of those aren't words) of the narrative experience.

Yes, these are a Christian novels with "magic" and shapeshifters and dragons oh my!

Here's the thing: I will never, ever twist the Word of God for the sake of my own convenience and comfort. I will intelligently use the amazing feats and beings of Scripture to weave narratives the likes of which you've never seen before. All throughout Scripture we have examples of magi commanding the elements, terrifying creatures such as the leviathan and the behemoth, warriors capable of taking down whole armies on their own and more. Beyond that, we have the amazing realm of being that is those born from the Nephilim Angels and the Nophilim Demons (note: demons are fallen angels, bee tee dubs).

With all of that, as well as the beings of Sheoul and the Rephaim and Elioud and the many abilities attributed to them, we have the canvas to tell through Scripture stories with larger than life heroes and villains without having to run to the oh so pandery lie of "TAP INTO THE POWER OF DEMONS TO WIN" that is so common in anime and gaming today.

I tend to be critical of the church...

I have a saying, one that I believe quite firmly. Much of the suffering of individuals in the world, which leads to the suffering of the masses on a global scale, is the result of those of divine appointment absent from the sorrows of those crying out in desperate need and pain. What I mean is, it isn't uncommon to hear the question "Why do bad things happen to good people?", and certainly that is a very complex discussion. That being said, if one were to ask me how children go hungry, boys and girls are sexually abused, wives are battered, I would give two answers. The existence of sin that rules in the hearts of man, and the absence of the divinely touched to offer that arm of protection and deliverance.

I am not one of those who hold desperately on to the belief that the church is a flawed and wretched institution that does no good. Try telling that to the masses that watch as the Southern Baptist Association, Catholic Church and more are among the first boots on the ground during any natural disaster. I do however believe that we as a faith can do more, with regard to touching the hearts of the wounded and fighting for divinity.

I don't really mind if I make you upset...

The purpose of my books is three fold:

1) Entertain you with narratives that change the face of Christian Fiction
2) Confront matters of pain and loss that society turns away from, in a rational manner, never to sensationalize rather to heal and grow.
3) Tackle relevant issues of the day in a manner that is logical, non-polarized, refusing to pander but never seeking to harm.

You may not initially like what my protagonists have to say or do, however I pray that you have the patience and rationale to see the narrative through regardless. I believe that ministers and authors have the same oath to uphold as doctors: "Do no harm". To that end, I will never, ever weave a story that has the purpose of hate and hurt. I will also never be the one to tell you Scripture doesn't say what it says.

That being said, Scripture says a whole of a lot more than what people tend to boil it down to.


Please look forward to six amazing (if I do say so myself) novels from my studio as well as several new albums all coming out this year. More details to come.

This is Eugene the Author a.k.a. Xeawn Cross a.k.a. Gentleman Raptor saying be blessed, and be good to one another.