Kill All Christians Book 1: In the Village of the Devil's Daughters

From the Leviathan line of novels, Kill All Christians is a paranormal mystery/high fantasy/horror/sword epic novel that will challenge as much as it entertains!

Ten years ago, two billion two hundred ninety five million four hundred thousand people were rounded up and slain over the course of three months. They were men, they were women, they were girls, they were boys. They were white, black, Indian, Asian, and everything else in between. They were straight, they were gay, they were bi, they were as different as different could be.

Save one common thread.

In some way shape or form, they all professed Christianity.

Join the Saint Sword Moon and his dark blood companion Fox trying to survive in this dark new world where Christianity is outlawed and punishable by death. Drawn to the village of debauchery by the twin chiefs to investigate the disappearance of three dark blood children, Moon and Fox soon find themselves in the midst of a demonic blood feud that will push the pair to the brink of their sanity and willpower. What begins as a search and rescue mission soon spirals into all out war as the twin demon sisters Amahli and Hellana play a dangerous game of chess with a dybbuk and a baron of hell, with the souls of the three lost girls hanging in the balance.

Will Moon and Fox overcome their tribulations, or will they fall victim to the dark calling within the village...and themselves?

God only knows.